Six GDI Team Elite Emails




This is the Introduction and advertising info that you get when you first join GDI Team Elite. When you are finished reading them please ask your team leader for the GDI Team Elite Training called the Sixteen Steps. This will walk you through how to get your six members and how to become a team leader! 


Please note that I personally will ONLY help you to be a leader if you go through the Sixteen Step Training and get the weekly hits described here. The purpose of the Sixteen Steps is to help you in this!


Your coach, this Introduction and the Sixteen Steps will all help you understand how to get your hits and how to become an effective GDI Team Elite leader.


When you become a leader, feel free to copy and paste this intro onto your website to use it for your team. You can either place them on your website like I have done or email each page as they were originally intended:  

Page 1:


From Albie: Welcome to GDI Team Elite

“Hello! ​


My name is Albie Derbyshire and I am from California!


Anyway, we are happy to have you on our team!  THANK YOU for joining!  

Below explains how our GDI Team Elite works.  I will be sending the other emails to you on what we need to do to get your business to grow tomorrow.  Below is one of them.   Please go at your own pace going through them and if there is something you do not understand you can ask me.

Below is an attachment of what we send to all new members.

Please whitelist (add to your contacts) the email addresses below; 


Contact name: Albie Derbyshire

Skype: SailingWithAlbie


In Gmail simply click on the drop down arrow top right of this email and select

Add to contacts list (this will vary in other email providers).


Once you have added the email address to your contacts simply click the link below and send .



At the bottom of this page are five more links to pages that will help you get your advertising set up and help you get started.

There are a lot of advertising suggestion and links in these pages.

The advertising pages have sites in them that our team members use every day to promote their team splash page. 

These pages can be a little confusing when you first join so please do not think you have to join all the advertising sites in them.   Any time you need additional advertising information just contact me. 

Your PERSONAL Team Elite LINK that is tracked by our team, will be given to you when you’re done reading all these pages and contact your team leader to request it from him.

This is an explanation of how the Team Elite system works!


1. You join our team – Our GDI Team (Congrats!)

2. We place you in a collective advertising system/rotator – FREE

3. Everyone in the rotator, groups of 6 or more, advertise together, several common splash pages to gain prospects.

4. To be eligible for signups you will need to maintain 1000 hits a week, working through the Sixteen Steps Training every week and also to be COMMUNICATING well with your team leader.

5. Your team leader monitors your hits..If you don’t hit your quota, it will take longer to get signups.

6. If you do your share of the advertising, you will get your first member after you complete Step Three of the Sixteen Steps Training and the following five members somewhere between Step 7-10.  

So team advertising benefits all. Your team leader coordinates everything, and works hard to get you started.


On your way to getting your 6, we will teach you how to become a team leader through the Sixteen Steps, set up your own rotator, and you will be off and running, exploding your business.


We never abandon you and always help, and train.  We will always be available for you.


We have no competition out there…Nobody, absolutely nobody offer this for FREE!  

Most people can not market GDI effectively on their own!

Best Regards,


Please click on each of these subject lines to read the additional 5 pages: