5th Letter: Final Notes

GDI Team Elite (Letter 6) and Final Letter

As a reminder your new team link should have been emailed to you. Make sure to use that link when advertising around.  

By the way, 


Your link is connected to the team leaders link and I will track it each week to see how you’re doing. By promoting the leaders link you will be given your 6 members in the proper course of time.

Then as a new team leader your team will be promoting YOUR link and building YOUR email list and you will be earning by each member you place under your team members too. 🙂

Also I highly recommended to do as soon as possible if you haven’t already…The learning bonus!

I want to also encourage you do to the GDI Learning Bonus so that you can earn $25 during your first few weeks. It is best to get started on it after you joined because you only have eight weeks to complete all the steps to get the bonus of $25.