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Team Hits

Our team in GDI, helps you to promote the team leaders link and
get subscribers for the team. These subscribers will be converted into
paid members 
which we give out to those who are participating and
aiming at getting 1000 hits a week.

In  PMS, HBA and PLS however, you can promote whichever capture
page that you want (and get however many hits you want) and
share any details you like with the team.

Earsie weekly hits – 2381
4thnd Week hitting over 1000 hits!
all time – 8,819
3 subscribers.

Jennifer wk hits – 5
all time – 16,727
Arielle wk hits –
all time – 2886
Rose wk hits – 5
all time – 241

Donald – 69
all time – 39,866

Michael Headly – 4
all time – 42,611

Joseph Chait – 5
all time – 46,778

David Blanchard –
all time – 7,635

Edmilson –
all time – 3,329

Tom O’ Toole –
all time – 1018

Mogomat –
all time – 4073

Richard Smyth –
All time 4,197

Krishna –
all time – 24,101

Guy Gallo – 4
all time – 6,909

Lars –
all time – 309

Will Banks –
all time – 11,032

Lee –
all time – 736

​Alastair –
For GDI: 1982
4th Week hitting over 1000 hits!
For all time – 8,476
New Members:

Kenny –
Subscribers –
all time – 1,884
Connections –

Albie wk hits – 3199
all time – 461,010
Wk Subscribers – 149,
Wk Connections – 36
Wk New Sales: 4

Remember that 1000 hits is the number of hits you need to achieve each week
if you want to start seeing new subscribers and getting somewhere in reality.
Also in order to become a Team Leader, you will need 1000 hits a week too.
I hope this helps! Let me know if you need help achieving 1000 hits.

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Team Leaders:

Albie Derbyshire,
Elizabeta Ekezevska,
KC Duerig,
Stein Tvelt,
Celestin Kanga,
Diane Mumm,
John Vance,
Santosh Mali,
Daniel Baxter,
Debbie Zanoti,

90 Day Marketing Challenge

Albie – Day 38
Kenny – Day 21

Gregg Davidsons Email Marketing

Albie – Week 9
Kenny – Week 2

Members Misc Marketing Notes: 

Kenny’s Notes:

So today I did a blog post and an email broadcast to my list.
I went through the booking widget training on HBA and set up a page to use it.
It is and I redirected to that page as well.
For the Greg Davison email training I went over 2 documents again “the 12
rules for good email writing” and “3 things a winning email must have”
I will need to restart the 90 day challenge or pick up where I left off.
I will decide on a course of action and pick up on it tomorrow.

Albie’s Notes: 

Last night, my wife walked out of the room.  She couldn’t sleep
and just needed some calming music to help calm her nerves down.

But instead of changing what I was listening to and put on something
we both could enjoy, I persisted to listen to what I was listening to.
After she walked out, I realized how unhappy I was with
myself for letting that happen.

It wasn’t a major deal because she soon fell asleep to the sound of
the news (lol) but it could have been so much more. We could have…

See it all HERE

YOUR Notes Could Be Here:

We will also be here for you to help
you personally 1:1 at every step!



We look forward to working with you! 

 Albie Derbyshire
Elizabeta Kuzevska
cell: 626-379-5692


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